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The Longer Long Tail by Chris Anderson

Posted by Matt on October 26th, 2009 under All, Books I'm Reading  •  No Comments

Wow, this is a great book. Really opened my eyes to the fact the our world has many long tails. As technology like the Internet makes the world smaller, people will have the ability to dig deeper and deeper into the long tail and find niches that appeal to them more than the “one size fits all hits.”

A few quotes that I highlighted along the way:

“The era of one-size-fits-all is ending, and in its place is something new, a market of multitudes.”

“The great thing about broadcast is that it can bring one show to millions of people with unmatchable efficiency. But it can’t do the opposite — bring a million shows to one person each. Yet that is exactly what the Internet does so well.”

“Seen broadly, it’s clear that the story of the Long Tail is really about the economics of abundance — what happens when the bottlenecks that stand between supply and demand in our culture start to disappear and everything becomes available to everyone.”

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Definitely worth the read. ;)


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